Reflections From the Other Side of the Chair


Before I started my Master of Social Work, I had never heard of the term “self-care”. I thought it maybe had to do with self-help, which I strongly associate with the cult-like wisdom of The Secret.

However, “self-care” seemed to encompass much more than that. We had pub nights, lunch-time meditation sessions, lectures, and essay topics – all in the hopes of facilitating “self-care”.

And yet, one of the branches on the self-care tree seemed to get little attention. In all of my courses, scintillating classroom discussions, and practicum team meetings, there was never a mention of counselling or therapy for social workers.

Why is that? Do social workers not go to therapy? Do social workers not need therapy? Are we angels of emotional regulation with ample tools and knowledge at our disposal? Are we our own therapists? Continue reading