Coping with Stress at School


There are only a few weeks of the semester left, and I have entered into full-fledged panicbooks.jpg mode. My reading week was not exactly as productive as I had hoped. I’ve had insomnia, which prevented me from getting up in the morning and caused me to be pretty exhausted through out the day – making it really difficult for me to focus on work. I did try to get as much done as possible, but I am still behind in a lot of things.

It doesn’t help that every week from now to the end of the semester I have tests, deadlines, and quizzes I have to prepare for. I made an attempt to plan out my week today, but had to stop because I realized I was trying to fit too much in. Despite this, rather than avoiding work or giving up, I always try to focus on strategies that can help me out and reduce some of my stress. Here are a few strategies I use when I am stressed about school:

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We’re all feeling those damn winter blues

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned as a highly emotional girl in an oftentimes sadness.jpgunforgiving world, is that every feeling you have is only temporary. You can choose to look at this one of two ways: 1) that feelings of lucidity, clarity, and maybe even happiness are only fleeting; or 2) that feelings of desolation, bleakness, and hopelessness are only taking over your brain for a period of time; a period of time that will indefinitely run its course. Either way, I’ve found a certain peace in accepting that these turbulent ups and downs are out of my control. They’re out of everyone’s control. 

I know that I’m not alone in often thinking: Is something really wrong with me? It can’t be normal for me to feel this unhappy all the timeJust yesterday my neighbour dropped by and the very first thing she said was: this winter is really starting to get to me. I think it’s getting to all of us, and short of getting on the next flight to Cuba and becoming a beach vendor, there’s not a whole lot we can do about it.

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One Of Many: A Portrait Of Emotional Abuse

Before I begin, there are a few things I want to clarify.

The first is that there is absolutely nothing romantic about emotional abuse. If you or anyone you know is being mistreated with the guise that it is loving and caring, be very cautious. Don’t let this type of behaviour be normalized.

aaaemotionalThe second is that anyone is susceptible to emotional abuse. It doesn’t matter your gender or the type of relationship. It can be romantic, platonic, or even parent-child. If someone has your full trust and intimacy, they also have the potential to emotionally abuse you. There is not always a physical aspect of abuse. The power tactics all lie in being able to control someone emotionally and mentally.

The third is that while there are universal symptoms of being in an emotionally abusive relationship, all experiences vary. Some people will experience gaslighting more, others will be more susceptible to the effects of being bullied. This piece is an example of someone being gaslighted into believing that the undesirable is desirable, a tactic that is used to achieve control in emotionally abusive relationships. This piece, however, is not meant to be a one-size-fits-all representation.

This piece is coming from the fact that I have not only seen it through others, but have experienced emotional abuse myself, at both the romantic and platonic level, and in a coordinated fashion.

Emotional abuse has the power to change your reality, especially when it is coming from someone you love. If you suspect someone you know is in an emotionally abusive relationship, please do your best to be there for them. In their world, their value and self-worth revolves around one person and one person only. They are pushed to believe that only one person can bring them happiness. Prove them wrong. Continue reading