Furiously Happy: A Review


I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to start doing reviews on SPEAK OUT, so here’s my first attempt.

Reviews can sometimes seem like ‘fluff’ or filler, which I swore to never have on this site, but as well all know, representation in media is important. I thought that it might be a good idea to highlight some books, music, and movies in which mental illness is represented well, or that are thought-provoking in some way. My idea of a review is just to draw attention to cool things that I think you should also check out, and then talk about how I feel about it. So I guess really it’s more like a reflection.

Furiously Happy is Jenny Lawson’s second book – her first, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, was probably funnier, but it sort of skirted the topic of mental illness. There were definitely parts of the book that discussed it, but the majority of it completely ignored it. (You should still definitely read it though.)

Lawson lives with depression, anxiety, trichotillomania, ADHD, and OCD, amongst a number of other things, but what she talks about the most is her depression and anxiety.

Specifically the concept that depression lies – the thoughts you might have like that you’re not really sick, that your life is just horrible, or that no one cares about you are a result of self-stigma, yes, but also depression itself. Because that’s what depression does. It lies to you for so long that you start lying to yourself. Continue reading