Salsa when you feel like it


I’ve grown to love the very early morning before the sun goes up. Everything is calm in theimages.jpg pre-dawn – waiting poised for another day to start. On early winter mornings after a heavy snow, everything in the street is particularly quiet and still.

Recently, however, on my early morning walk, I experienced the most exciting secret burst of life. As I was trudging through the snow, a storefront in my neighbourhood caught my attention. The business’ night staff was unabashedly blasting salsa music in their brightly-lit store as the surrounding commercial buildings stood empty in the cold dark. I noticed a jovial middle-aged man singing and dancing with a mop as he worked the floors. He noticed me too making my way through the cold dark snow outside and waved for me to join in.

To me, this was a wonderful reminder that there is life within us at all moments. Even joywhen the air is bitingly cold and the world is asleep, there is life happening. There is the same life within me and within all of us, even when we feel drained by the weather or by an attitude that makes us think we can’t do something, or shouldn’t. There is always the energy to be different and to blast the music of your own soul. It’s infectious when you witness it, so don’t be shy and let yourself salsa when you feel like it. You could be making someone out in the cold smile and laugh.



Lachlan is a student of natural medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and a prospective student of contemplative psychotherapy at the Institute for Traditional Medicine in Toronto. She combines her learning from both alternative medicine and buddhist-influenced psychotherapy to develop a new way to address mental health concerns in a truly holistic way- with mind, body and spirit. Her professional interest blossomed out of her own struggles with depression and anxiety, helped greatly by her practices in meditation and ecstatic dance. Lachlan is a spirit, a writer and a traveler who loves the smell of Nag Champa.

For more info on Naturopathic Medicine and Contemplative Psychotherapy, see

Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

Institute for Traditional Medicine


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